{July 3, 2012}   Follow Your Dreams

Do you have dreams that others may consider to be impossible for you to reach? Maybe it is because not many people make a lot of money in it. Maybe it’s because of the neighborhood you come from. Maybe, your past or current lifestyle does not seem to lead to that kind of future. Well I am here to confirm that none of these things matter. You can be whatever you want to be. No should have a bigger influence on your future than you. I  want to be a singer, and not just a local singer in a small town or city. I want to be internationally known like Beyoncé and Aaliyah. I do not come from a wealthy family or a city known for producing many famous people. I am from a small town in the Mississippi Delta. Not exactly what I would consider the land of opportunities. That’s ok because I am still determined to reach my dreams as you should be. Right now I am currently going through that phase that I am sure a lot of you can relate to, that is doing one thing when your heart and soul is somewhere else.

I am sure that you can relate to being with someone, having a job, or particular friends that you really do not want to be with or have. My dilemma is school. I love learning new things and I understand the importance of getting an education. There are moments when I think about all the things I could get done if I did not have to worry about classes, paper, and assignments. If any of you know a little bit about the music industry or just life in general you know that it takes money to make money. Just yesterday, I was reflecting on all the thousands of dollars I spend towards school. Money that could be used to buy better mics, webcams, and get into clubs to perform. At the same time I figure that I might as well use my degree to help with my music career.

Recently, I declared theater as my minor (some of my family and friends don’t agree with). I am coming into my own and not just realizing but ACTUALLY living my life for ME. In the end it is my life. There are many people who do not believe that I will make it. I hear them and interact with them everyday because negativity cannot be avoided all the time. Instead of letting it bother me, I use it as a fuel to my fire. It is because of those people who doubt me that I stay up late nights and do early mornings in order to make sure that I prove them wrong. Let’s be honest, there will be moments when you are not sure that you will pull it off (whatever your dreams are). That is ok. It  is perfectly normal. I go through the same thing. What I like to do and maybe it will work for you, I take five minutes and imagine the feeling I will have, my lifestyle, and all the things that draw me to becoming an international singer. Then I play a motivational song and by that time I am ready to get back on my grind. So I say to you go after all of your dreams and do not let anyone discourage you. If you do not take anything else from this blog please take this away. Do not worry if other people can not initially see your dreams. They are YOUR dreams not there’s. Maybe it’s not for them to see right now but your success will change that!


{June 11, 2012}   Hello world!

I am an entertainer. I am from the Mississippi Delta. Music is my high. Singing is my addiction. I have big dreams, limited resources, but a great determination. I represent the dreamers in the world. Everything starts with a DREAM!

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